• Pros And Cons Of Wooden Kitchen Worktops And Your Alternatives

    Wooden Kitchen Worktops

    Wooden kitchen worktops make an incredible accessory for any kitchen. However, as with other kinds of worktops, you will find both pros and cons for this material.


    • Wooden kitchen worktops are unbeatable with regards to getting an all natural feel to your house.

    • Worktops can be created from various kinds of wood and because both versions provide a different looks towards the worktop. For instance, some wood types exhibit elaborate grain designs while some may have a uniform structure. Some could have a very pale colour, while some possess a wealthy tone and colour.

    • Wooden kitchen worktops have anti-microbial qualities and therefore are naturally very clean.

    • Each kind of wooden worktops has a different cost tag. What this means is you can be certain you will find something which will squeeze into your financial allowance

    • They're simpler to set up compared to other kinds of worktop surface.

    • When wooden kitchen worktops are scratched, they may be restored for their former condition by sanding out any flaws or markings.


    • A little bit of extra efforts are needed to help keep wooden kitchen worktops in tiptop condition.

    • Wooden worktops should be oiled completely before installation to avoid warping and bending.

    • They ought to be oiled regularly so they can improve their water proofing. Failure to do this can lead to permanent damage brought on by contact with water.

    • Water spills and splashes should be addressed quickly to avoid discoloration.

    • Though wooden kitchen worktops are dense and sturdy, it's not better to cut directly to the wood surface. They won't also have the ability to tolerate heat from pans and dishes taken from the stove. Cutting up boards and worktop savers can be used to improve the lifespan of wooden worktops.

    Kinds Of Wooden Kitchen Worktops: Benefits And Drawbacks

    Oak worktops are ultra strong and therefore are very resistant against abrasions. They stain perfectly which provides you a large number of options when it comes to colour plan. However, these wooden kitchen worktops tend to be more vulnerable to water stains and may burn and mark easily. Regular cleaning and oiling is required for maintenance.

    Beech established fact because of its distinctive grain pattern along with its elegant appearance. It takes regular oiling to avoid warping and water stains.

    Walnut worktops are available in vibrant shades and frequently do not require any painting. They are simple to use and simple to shine. Walnut worktops need regular maintenance and should not be uncovered to extreme cold and hot conditions. They're less resistant against scratches.

    Iroko worktops have similar qualities to teak, but they are comparatively cheaper. They're also very attractive. The top of those wooden kitchen worktops should be treated regularly with water and oil spills should be worked with carefully and rapidly. They lack stability and may easily warp and bend, meaning they ought to be treated correctly before installation.

    Options To Wooden Kitchen Worktops: Benefits And Drawbacks

    Laminate comes in an array of colors while offering lots of edging options. Less maintenance is needed than other surfaces and they're simple to neat and stain resistant. However, they may be easily broken by water, scratch easily and aren't resistant against heat. They are able to fade and warp with time.

    Corian is sensible and classy, low maintenance, as well as resistant against water and stains. It's not completely heat resistant and even though it appears impressive, it is extremely costly.

    Granite is extremely scratch and stain resistant and comes in an array of finishes and colors. It's also very heat resistant. Granite requires sealing initially after which at regular times. It's very heavy and challenging install.

    Glass worktops create a striking kitchen feature, and therefore are waterproof and nonporous. However, they are able to easily scratch, nick and crack, and need regular sharpening to stay stain free.

    Why Choose Wooden Kitchen Worktops?

    Although wooden kitchen worktops might not be as durable as granite or starting as low as laminate, they provide an ideal balance between affordability, functionality and looks. Natural look, warmth and sweetness they offer is unbeatable and can't be located in almost any other surface.

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